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Early on this sick day I encountered few “mind to” requests. Not to quote them here, but really got confused over the usage of this. To my interpretation, this phrase is intentionally used to insert authority into an instruction. Am I correct? Or is over reacting to the two words innocently put to show off their language skills?

So went for a dip in the Google Index Tub, And encountered this Do you Mind! article in the 2nd page of search.

There are no direct “mind to” references, but, the usage of the mind was well detailed. A section is given this as an alternative way to say “pay attention”, and the variants of these included instructions to children from parents. In another paragraph the usage was related to reach a mutual agreement. Then ther was this “express our displeasure and to tell someone to stop doing what he or she is doing”

Hence, to conclude, this brings ‘Order’ into the statement, and hopefully this is not a very good phrase to be used in formal communication.


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What’s an intransitive verb? ha! I know you know what it is, but I wasn’t that clear. SO went on a quest. Along with the definition, of what I was searching for, found this too:

… There are seven coordinating conjunctions. Some students remember the seven by learning the word fanboys. Each of the seven letters of fanboys stands for one of the coordinating conjunctions.

F = for; A = and; N = nor; B = but; O = or; Y = yet; S = so

Teamed up with a comma, these seven coordinating conjunctions can correctly join two main clauses….


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