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What forums really tell you?   Leave a comment

There are 1000s of tech forums who claim to have answers to anything and everything. But really what do they tell you? For any search Google will return you tons of forum posts. And they all will have the exact phrase you were looking for.

In general many user forums which are active on tech topics have a huge population of empathic members who rwaly don’t know what to tell or what to suggest. (Something like this many participants doesn’t even know about the criticalities or depts. Of questions posted to them. I have even seen many posting annoying messages.

I like to read them though to see how much stupid a commenter can go on any topic.




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Microsoft pictured it in 2007   Leave a comment

This post is a follow up of How to give external access to Microsoft Project Server 2010,

Recently, while looking for the instillation guide for Microsoft TFS. I found a document written in 2007 narating how to work with TFS 2005. The contributer had the following diagram pasted in the PDF.

This clearly shows that the only way to access the Project portal from remote hosts is to have a Proxy server in between. The documentation was still out there, while I was reinventing the wheel.

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More > Reader vs Photo   Leave a comment

This is the funniest post I came across this week. Also to the surprise, I never heard anyone crying over the net – or tweeter—when 3 months back the reader link was missing in the Gmail More menu!!

Now to the conclusion,  the writer has reached is very silly. What decided the position of an item in the More menu? Its click through ration? Its popularity? What exactly?

Why can’t it be just that Piccsa is loosing fans and Google want to trick you to the Photo page by placing it in the Reader link position? That’s why wise men said “Look be for you Click”

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Cloud DB comparison

  1. Comparing Google App Engine, Amazon SimpleDB and Microsoft SQL Server Data Services
  2. Torry Harris Service Comparison

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‘Ulta-pulta’ site

Checkout the 1st image

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Early Christmas Offer

What’s the smartest thing one can suggest to an e-commerce site owner? Prepare for the Christmas season, Oh, yes. In the e-business, one must start this early to reflect the changes in the web.

Recently Google announced its Offer snippets for online products market. If anyone wants to perfect it and use it in the Christmas season, I recommend them to start working on it now itself.

In past, I have tried to list few of my client’s services into the Google Products listing, but so unfortunate that never saw it online. Google now have integrated product listing features to product snippet listing, so the API may be good way to get the Offers running around in the SERPS.

Also this feature seems to have release only for US market, with some world wide compatibility listing (seriously, I don’t know what that is!)

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do “mind to ..” not to   Leave a comment

Early on this sick day I encountered few “mind to” requests. Not to quote them here, but really got confused over the usage of this. To my interpretation, this phrase is intentionally used to insert authority into an instruction. Am I correct? Or is over reacting to the two words innocently put to show off their language skills?

So went for a dip in the Google Index Tub, And encountered this Do you Mind! article in the 2nd page of search.

There are no direct “mind to” references, but, the usage of the mind was well detailed. A section is given this as an alternative way to say “pay attention”, and the variants of these included instructions to children from parents. In another paragraph the usage was related to reach a mutual agreement. Then ther was this “express our displeasure and to tell someone to stop doing what he or she is doing”

Hence, to conclude, this brings ‘Order’ into the statement, and hopefully this is not a very good phrase to be used in formal communication.

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