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An apology   Leave a comment

I know it’s too late to tell this, but, now its light and I could see it clearer and the fog created by those foolish developers have moved. I have set my sail high and am running freely in the WordPress landscapes like a small child with his favorite toy in his hand.

I’m feeling it’s power that will push my abilities to the heights that will enable easy web development. I’m planning to push WP to it limits and some day will post all what I have experienced during this!

Sorry WP, I misunderstood you these years!! Better late than never 🙂


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To be a programmer (#4): Logic   Leave a comment

It’s always been difficult to tell how to develop logic. And hopefully I will not try to do the same and end up looking lie a joker. But, “To Be a programmer” series will have to eventually face the same challenge.

To be a programmer one is supposed to develop logics that will tackle many situations that pop up during the conversion of requirements. In this case most people will recommend forgetting the usability considerations we reviewed during past posts. Should you accept this or not is your concern. But, being in some range of usability will surely help you in long run.

Are you confused where the usability comes in the context of logic building? No? Then it’s OK. It is something that deals with the review of thee logic that you created to solve some problem. This always happened when you need to improve the logic or need to fix a bug that you (or your Tester) have dug out. So be usable for yourself,

I want to interchange values in two fields (or variables, storage location, container or register or ….). How do I do it? This is where the logic comes in. So many people used to think it by aligning the problem to a physical situation. But, not always easy to spot parallel physical situations, still it stays the best though aid so far, at least for the beginners. Now I have refreshed your programming class memories, I know that you realized the small logic we need to solve this swapping problem and have recalled the salt and sugar in the two containers and the empty bowel that you have purchased to try this logic out.

This was very easy, because you have heard this hundred times and I had just tried my luck by choosing the same old problem. Now that you have logic, will you be recalling the algorithm that will list the simple instructions to solve this problem? Not exactly, right? Oh, OK, I got it, why we need to write it down when it’s just 3 lines to implement in a coding language. Fine, I too don’t want your 3 lines.

Let’s go back and ask: I want to sort the price list in ascending order.   Ha, right if it’s in a database you can ask the server to list it in order by adding the keywords to the query language statement. Bad luck, it’s not in a database. I will cal the sort function and will give me the list in order. Totally lost, there is not library available to ‘Call’. So, do you really want me to write the logic? If you can I’ll be happy, if you don’t I will also be happy. Since its one less logic maker around and I can get all the credits!!

From early days of programming language evolution, authors has tried to keep the logic out of the language, and allowed developers to build logics in to functions and keep it in the accompanying library. There must be some reason for this, think on it, I bet you will get convinced on why you should be a good logic creator thus become a skilled problem solver.

SO you are convinced that you need logic creation skills. And will ask, how do I learn it? My point will be; everyone have some level of logic skill, otherwise you cannot live in this complicated world; one need to sharpen the skills. That will need either self trial on logic building or by reading logics written by others. SO go on and try out some and read many.

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To be a programmer (part #3): Usability (Continued)   Leave a comment

Brining in the usability into your projects is very important. We already came across the areas that are expected to be ‘usable’. That is originally a never ending list, so please work on it to be in new areas that are relevant to your project.


(This is a broken part, will rewrite it once coming back to the same mental stat 😐 )

[Advice: If you are writing anything, make sure you comeback to it while you are in the same mental state, else the flow will be broken and may loose the entire topic]

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