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This is something they used to do whenever they get an open mailbox on a workstation. This will go to all those are there in the contacts list. Now guess what will happen? Seriously, nothing but a smile on all faces who read that mail when they see you the ‘hacked’. There were people who were wandering around just to see some open inboxes. Thinking back, in those days, emails were not that handy and spasm were a virtual virtue.

Internet had gone beyond TBL’s dreams and has seen the only upward trends. But there was also a darker side growing as big, or maybe bigger, who threatens the world by their penetration power. These communities are exaggerated versions of the ‘I’m Monkey’ enthusiasts. Usually a smarter groups who are good in reverse engineering and black box analysis (Not a black magic!). Though both sides continue their battle, we get the best out of this.

Coming back to the email fun, today most people know that sending mails pretending to be any other is simple and its takes just seconds to identify them.  Because of these we are fighting against spam and are wasting much time in separating the bad and good. The extensive spam filtering implemented by many email provides have eased our task still most of the computing power is just wasted over the multilevel pattern matching and filtering. It’s not unusual that these filters sometimes send the most genuine emails into the spam box, which usually costs the most for the email owner. Even that is extreme, but we are far safer than the past, unguarded situation.

 There was a trend in past to host the mail servers in the company network or company owned servers collocated in some high secure datacenters. The main argument was the ownership of the data. The threats and need for global access made the IT mangers to suggest a shift to major email service providers, this definitely compromise the previous argument of data ownership. The economically smart CEO’s opted these services and too cautious corporates continued to the datacenter option. When the cloud came, more and more companies moved into it.

Now the IT Mangers are happy that the headache is with Google or Microsoft or someone else, but in deep anguish because of the lost control over the sending & receiving settings that they used to enjoy in all past arrangements. Now the cloud provider fixes their own levels of ‘pest control’ causing the friendly butterflies to get caged.  Again the line of control is fairly unjustified and will continue that way.

In any case, there will be the ‘I’m Donkey’ people looking out for your open boxes.


Posted October 16, 2011 by jsusmer in Cloud, mind waves

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