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Changing face of Giants   1 comment

Other than Google Search and the App mail, I havebeen away from google for last few months. Jut now poped into the Google News page, and realized how far it has become from the classic theme.

Just like the Microsoft Windows 7 and the similar themed utilities lie the Office, I found Google too bad to be a readers choice be case of it too much inclusion of light shades. For visually challenged people like me, the light shades that are being selected by thiese giants are too painful to work with.

I had to work lot to make the Windows 7 look like XP … the classic style. But the patches of the new theme really get exposed many times… Slowly I’m getting adjusted with it.

Hopes this will get changed as these giants realize the percentage of people infected by their un-thought selection of coluor and widgets


Posted August 11, 2011 by jsusmer in mind waves