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Creepy red lines – thanks MS Office   Leave a comment

Maybe this is when you don’t proofread, or try to run fast to be the first to show off things or is this a way to show that these words have ‘no meaning ‘ or have ‘special meaning’. Anyway, this looks bad when you place these kind of screenshots in a popular article page.



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Microsoft pictured it in 2007   Leave a comment

This post is a follow up of How to give external access to Microsoft Project Server 2010,

Recently, while looking for the instillation guide for Microsoft TFS. I found a document written in 2007 narating how to work with TFS 2005. The contributer had the following diagram pasted in the PDF.

This clearly shows that the only way to access the Project portal from remote hosts is to have a Proxy server in between. The documentation was still out there, while I was reinventing the wheel.

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More > Reader vs Photo   Leave a comment

This is the funniest post I came across this week. Also to the surprise, I never heard anyone crying over the net – or tweeter—when 3 months back the reader link was missing in the Gmail More menu!!

Now to the conclusion,  the writer has reached is very silly. What decided the position of an item in the More menu? Its click through ration? Its popularity? What exactly?

Why can’t it be just that Piccsa is loosing fans and Google want to trick you to the Photo page by placing it in the Reader link position? That’s why wise men said “Look be for you Click”

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My special offer price   Leave a comment

I have recently found out that service provides are very concerned about their customer base and usually offers unbelievable reduced rates for the service the customer want to discontinue. I’m sure that many of you might have ‘utilized’ such situation, most probably while you requested to cancel your Credit Card because of high service charges, or cut wired phone lines, discontinue corporate internet leased lines, etc.

But, this same ‘survival policy’ implemented by the service provider is easily marketed by resellers to increase their account base and magnify their customer relations. Don’t you think, if a shop offer you the unbelievably cheap rate for a service will be recommended by you to more people.

The game they play to achieve these “my special offer price” is usually a combined operation by an insider and the reseller. The reseller first convinces the customer that they can do the ‘special rate’ because we are special to them and they are the very best reseller of the service provider. Then with the help of the insider they raise a fake service termination request. This will trigger the ‘survival policy’, there you fo, the service provider will put you in the least price for the same plan!

Moral of the story: Every system is vulnerable if there is a ‘smart’ insider to interact with.


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Happy New Year 2011   Leave a comment

happy new year 2011

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