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How to give external access to Microsoft Project Server 2010   Leave a comment

Reality while dealing with some stuff that is sparingly discussed by major tech writers is a chaos. Often lost in this unsparing tech jungle, we (readers and learners) try to depend on any resource to fix things (That had become a do or die assignment).

What our real intention was to give external users to Microsoft Project Server 2010, which seems to be carrying a ‘build for internal use only’ banner. Digging in the MSDN & technet uncovered nothing that helped us to realize this ‘mad idea’.

 Now go a bit far into some other kind of services that are dogged to fool other service to which they talk with. One of the famous such technique used is port-forwarding. But this was no match to the strict coding of MSPS2010, which ultimately gave 404 error. Now, another popular method is to use proxy servers. Which was key to the solution. Fortunately we located a stupid free proxy that has no restriction on service interfaces.

So, we installed the proxy on the MSPS2010 and tried by setting the proxy in the external user’s browser (MSPS supports only IE7+). It clicked. 

But now a new complication came in, we cannot restrict access to proxy server, since the external user’s IP is not static. So far so good, what if we use a VPN? OK, will use the VPN, but we cannot ask the eternal user to set a proxy manually.

At last we found a way to bundle everything together using Admin toolkit available with Windows Server.

[Breaking the previous conventions of listing URLs, this time the solution is discovered by my team. So no URLs]


Posted December 8, 2010 by jsusmer in mind waves