Running Windows Server in Amazon EC2   Leave a comment

The following URL lists a step by step process to run a Windows Server Instance in EC2

Though it started with a Free Account sign up, you need to enter Credit Card (CC) information to set-up an Instance.

As it was interesting to see how easy it may be to get my own AMI for windows server to be ran on EC2, I found this link
like many other links, this also starts with an interesting portion on Windows Server and EC2, but whil I was reading down realized that the AMI creation was mainly for Linux Virtual machines. Someone asked in the comments section about using this same on a Windows Server image, and well its just a ‘trail try’ as the author responds.
Since I have no CC info to share with Amazon, I’m waiting for someone to list the steps to run our own windows AMI on EC2.


Posted October 25, 2010 by jsusmer in Cloud, search

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