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Till now I was really concentrating on a path to decide whether to virtualize or to move to Cloud. Both seems to have its own pros and cons. The advantages of the cloud computing is truly tempting, but the migration seems to be a big task and lots of consulting and research is needed.

Some plans of easy migration of “Small business data projects” are recently being introduced by many vendors. One among them is Microsoft, who have released SQL Server Migration Assistant in August which enables Access 2010 based forms projects to be easily moved into SQL Azure Cloud. The tool offers Oracle MySQL migration too.

There may be more such tools as time passes and Cloud becomes more and more popular. On the other hand developing and testing for Cloud environments are also getting popular. Google App Engine, which I have tried in past (Using Python) and crated some sample Apps has a very easy development and deployment platform. Where as commercial tools are very popular fro Amazon Web Services, especially since EC2. Once of such tools is the CloufPort (Enterprise and Personal). This helps in building and designing SOAP based services that can be hosted on an EC2.


Posted October 20, 2010 by jsusmer in Cloud

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