The Cloud Migration: Can I Cloud?   Leave a comment

A good approach is to rebuild your applications to get it hosted omn some Personal/Commercial clouds (read in details This approach is very effective and is the best one, so “how far you want to go?” This is the point where all will ask “So I’ll be redoing everything I did to migrate? is this going to be a complete rebuild?”, Oh! yes, to get the best results this will stay something nearer to a rebuild.

So, is there any short-cuts? To be really cloud, there seems not many short-cuts. If your systems are already built on some type of layered design, there is a very good chance that the migration will be need for some layers. Reducing core redesign. Something like moving on the data storage to Cloud and change the access methods to use the cloud.

If the above option tense you, and you start thinking of suing the developer? I think you can wait and think for going virtual (, may be you can reduce some infrastructure investment (may be save the environment too) and see some performance hike.Alternatively you can as the developer if this can be moved into a SaaS design.


Posted October 19, 2010 by jsusmer in Cloud, mind waves

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