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In laconic, “Its a confusion getting materialized to make money”The definite meaning of this process is ineffable. “cloud” many be a new technology for many, like all other booming technologies this also is misrepresented and widely mis-introduced to the fast extravagant targets to squeeze some early easy money.

Just like the saying “early birds catches the worms” , this zone is truly lacerative.

The most sympathetic thing is that the market is having many “free” cloud services that are never been tried or utilized by many of these immigrants. Unfortunate, but what else to say, Google, Adobe and many other have been providing free & faily good such real cloud service which has been giving very productive support for my online work.

I am a frequent user of Google Docs, an advocate of Google aps, A user of Adobe Acrobat.com. These products have been simplifying me documentation and reporting works.

  • Google Doc’s Download As option was saving me from upgrading to new MS office versions
  • Google Doc Forms has been serving as an easy way of work reporting to me from my managed resources
  • A combination of MS Word and Acrobat.com were helping me to produce great looking Reports and PDFs
  • Google Chart APIs where simplifying my Grafical Data reporting
  • and more …

As per my reading, the Cloud is not a way to virtualize your desktops, its a way to scale your services, ease your software service deployment and build a better scalable infrastructure. In this way the productivity will be growing fast but still in control.


Posted October 19, 2010 by jsusmer in Cloud, mind waves

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