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do “mind to ..” not to   Leave a comment

Early on this sick day I encountered few “mind to” requests. Not to quote them here, but really got confused over the usage of this. To my interpretation, this phrase is intentionally used to insert authority into an instruction. Am I correct? Or is over reacting to the two words innocently put to show off their language skills?

So went for a dip in the Google Index Tub, And encountered this Do you Mind! article in the 2nd page of search.

There are no direct “mind to” references, but, the usage of the mind was well detailed. A section is given this as an alternative way to say “pay attention”, and the variants of these included instructions to children from parents. In another paragraph the usage was related to reach a mutual agreement. Then ther was this “express our displeasure and to tell someone to stop doing what he or she is doing”

Hence, to conclude, this brings ‘Order’ into the statement, and hopefully this is not a very good phrase to be used in formal communication.


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Zero length call and Intel Atom   Leave a comment

From Intel Blogs

… A “zero length call” uses the attribute of the call instruction to push the immediate instruction pointer on to the stack and then pops off that address into a register…..

….The Atom Processor depends on matching calls and returns as part of its branch prediction algorithm and will likely miss-predict on the next return instruction….

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Windows AMI from scratch?   Leave a comment

As a result of the further investigations in the Developer Documentations and community forum, I concluded that it is possible to build a Windows OS AMI from scratch.

Even though it produces some error while running the uploaded instance, the postings confirms the existence of a process to create and upload AMI on to EC2. But wait! The reply to the issue posted also says the build from scratch will fail due to jicensing issues related to the OS. Colin Rhodes says “…the ONLY way to create a new Windows AMI is to re-bundle an existing Windows AMI…”

Being said these, the following is a dead ends related to this, it suggests that they have created instances and are having some issues while logging in using RDP. The system could not log you on

Now, here is the one that wants to create AMI from scratch programmatically.

Finally, this one a recent post.

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Running Windows Server in Amazon EC2   Leave a comment

The following URL lists a step by step process to run a Windows Server Instance in EC2

Though it started with a Free Account sign up, you need to enter Credit Card (CC) information to set-up an Instance.

As it was interesting to see how easy it may be to get my own AMI for windows server to be ran on EC2, I found this link
like many other links, this also starts with an interesting portion on Windows Server and EC2, but whil I was reading down realized that the AMI creation was mainly for Linux Virtual machines. Someone asked in the comments section about using this same on a Windows Server image, and well its just a ‘trail try’ as the author responds.
Since I have no CC info to share with Amazon, I’m waiting for someone to list the steps to run our own windows AMI on EC2.

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fanboys   Leave a comment

What’s an intransitive verb? ha! I know you know what it is, but I wasn’t that clear. SO went on a quest. Along with the definition, of what I was searching for, found this too:

… There are seven coordinating conjunctions. Some students remember the seven by learning the word fanboys. Each of the seven letters of fanboys stands for one of the coordinating conjunctions.

F = for; A = and; N = nor; B = but; O = or; Y = yet; S = so

Teamed up with a comma, these seven coordinating conjunctions can correctly join two main clauses….


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Create Advanced PDF   Leave a comment

Its usual that everyone want free solutions which should provide all the features of other commercially avaiable solutions. As a solution consultant on a daily bases I encounter such queries. A perfect way out may not be always possible, still, I try to satsify them.

Recently I has to prepare some reports which demanded some bookmarked PDFs, so that the customer can easily jump to sub sections and navigate better. Looking for the perfect tool I got last in the tech jungle — as usual. Finally traced an easy path to achieve my goal.

This is how I did it.

The solution requires Microsoft Word and an account in the web site.

  • I’m not sure how expert are you in MSWord. So will explain step by step. All the documents need some strcure, the document also needs content. I always do it in an inline manner, that is, place the sturue as the content evolves. Following is a sample.
  • Once this been done, we ned to format it. The best way to do this is using Styles. All main headings can be formated as Style Heading 1, next level using Heading 2 and on. Heading 1 style can be easily applied by slecting the line and pressing Ctrl+Alt+1, Heading 2 by Ctrl+Alt+2. The content will be something like the one below.
  • [The styles can be verifed and modified using Style & formating option
  • ]
  • Now add some more Content with similar styling
  • To build the TOC which will them be converted to PDF book mark use the following option in MS Word
  • Which will pop-up the following window
  • Clicking OK will place the TOC as shown below
  • Now save the Document. And proceed to the Singin with the account or create a new account.
  • Once logged in click on the Create PDF button.
  • Choose and Upload file
  • once done
  • download it and open usimg Acrobat Reader
  • The pdf is ready with Bookmarks



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Moving into Cloud   Leave a comment

Till now I was really concentrating on a path to decide whether to virtualize or to move to Cloud. Both seems to have its own pros and cons. The advantages of the cloud computing is truly tempting, but the migration seems to be a big task and lots of consulting and research is needed.

Some plans of easy migration of “Small business data projects” are recently being introduced by many vendors. One among them is Microsoft, who have released SQL Server Migration Assistant in August which enables Access 2010 based forms projects to be easily moved into SQL Azure Cloud. The tool offers Oracle MySQL migration too.

There may be more such tools as time passes and Cloud becomes more and more popular. On the other hand developing and testing for Cloud environments are also getting popular. Google App Engine, which I have tried in past (Using Python) and crated some sample Apps has a very easy development and deployment platform. Where as commercial tools are very popular fro Amazon Web Services, especially since EC2. Once of such tools is the CloufPort (Enterprise and Personal). This helps in building and designing SOAP based services that can be hosted on an EC2.

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